Boho Rings

Boho Rings

Celebrate love, friendship and family and encourage healing, strength and wisdom by adorning your fingers with our favourite boho rings and delicate stacking sets as an effortless way to wear your favourite gemstone pieces that were made for each other.

Browse the boho ring collection to find powerful gemstones for every occasion; Topaz for love, Rose Quartz for healing and Labradorite for protection. Beautifully handcrafted from the finest heirloom metals and conflict free gemstones. Choose from our vast selection of hand cut, forged and set semi-precious and precious bohemian rings, each with their own unique healing and nurturing qualities.

Designed to be mixed, matched, stacked and layered; build the perfect boho ring set, with hundreds of designs to choose from we always encourage mixing it up by combining metals such as sterling silver, 14ct gold and the blush rose gold.

“Since I was a teenager I’ve always worn an adornment of stacked and layered sterling silver Bohemian rings, it became my signature look.” 


Each design starts it’s life in London on the design floor, from a simple sketch your Lucie Locket boho rings have been brought to life, meticulously modeled and sampled to achieve a stunning end result. Our gemstones are responsibly sourced from around the world and hand selected for their superior quality and luster. Ingenious cutting techniques are utilized to maximize the natural beauty of each gem that ends it’s journey set in one of our Boho Rings.   

Sustainability is important to us and we endeavour to operate a waste free production environment, additionally your Lucie Locket boho rings will be delivered to you in handmade recycled paper gift packaging.


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