Each design starts it’s life in our London studio, from a simple sketch each Lucie Locket piece has been brought to life, meticulously modeled and sampled to achieve the perfect end result.

We begin by sourcing the most beautiful quality semi-precious gemstones from India, Pakistan and South America; hand selected for their superior quality and luster. 

To observe sustainable practices we use only heirloom metals from secondary refiners who do not buy directly from mining companies, our second hand metals will mainly be industrial industry scrap we endeavour to operate a waste free production environment and all of our designs are gift wrapped in fully recyclable and biodegradable handmade, recycled paper and card gift packaging.


Ourselves  • /aʊəˈsɛlvz/
 Something we’re always searching for. Something timeless. Something inimitable.

Our galaxy of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are designed with the firm belief that no-one else has quite what makes you you.
As such each piece works in synergy or alone – and whether you choose to stay minimal or combine, we want you to look as distinctive as the soul you are.
Individually handmade under the discerning eye of founder and designer Lucie, each unique treasure unites classic spirit with contemporary bohemian flair.
Each unique treasure unites classic spirit with contemporary bohemian flair. Understated and strong worn alone, easily layered for a uniqueness that makes your style yours.


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